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Apothecary creates weapons using human subjects. Their ultimate virus has been lost inside a girl protected by a powerful android of their own creation.
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 Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption

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Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 11, 2018 2:28 pm

Madden leans against the doorway not wanting to get so close to someone so angry they're in tears. Women, he can dress as one but he'll never understand them. The girl goes on and on about the suicidal thought buzzing around in her head. She's obviously disturbed over that hot mess of an android. No female gets this upset over a guy unless she's slept with him. When she punches the heavy bag into the wall it makes his hair stand on end. For something so tiny he forgot how mighty she can be. She's come an awful long way from the scaredy girl he first stalked.
"Who needs the apocalypse when we got you?" He jokes. "I don't know what you're getting so worked up over. If I were you I'd enjoy life with that hotness as much as I can before I wither away and die. Don't be a pathetic Polly."

"Fight me," now her saying that catches his attention. "You're infected aren't you? I'm guessing you could be as strong as me. Which means you don't break easy. Fight. Me."

"Bitches be crazy." He declines. "I'm not about to go all gross Hulk on you. Besides I'm still recovering I don't even know if I can nor do I want to. My virus is my own it's tapered to my DNA so it doesn't act like your mess."
Rolling her eyes at his cowardly response she lets up on him. She introduces herself which is pointless because he's known her name from the start. Why hasn't she figured that out yet?
"Names Madden Hoften. Code name Mad Cat for obvious reasons." This is enough to finally get some help in finding something to eat. Juliet tears into her apple while he picks a large plate of whatever grub on the assembly line. "So...you and the android what's the deal there? Is it serious?" He inquires like a school girl trying to scam is she can take her besties boyfriend.

Her explanation is hesitant but understandable. If his man pulled a Houdini on him he'd be curious, but NOT this hurt. Teenage girls, the original drama queens, are worse than the contestants at a drag show. He knows she's not serious about going back to a test tube.

"What the hell the scientists do to you to end up spliced with a cat? That seems way more fun than the things I've been put through. Heck what I would like to know is what exactly the purpose for human animal splicing even was. I mean at least I know my situation was to create super humans. You... The hell is your background?" She laughs.

Madden can't tell if she's insulting him or just being dumb. His ears go back a bit as his existence he never doubts is an awesome feat. "You do know that they've been creating babies in test tubes for decades now trying to ween out inferior human attributes. You're not THAT unique." His taps her back. "Anyways, the human splicing project is to do the same type shit but instead of just another human you have everything more of the other animal species." He tries to simplify it. "I've been a professional thief and assassin since I was a kid. Amplifying my abilities only made sense so I volunteered for the project after finding out the confidential information I stole from the Pharmacy." He stabs the piece of what he assumes is chicken. "It was more painful than you can ever imagine. I think being tortured in hell would be kinder, but I look on the bright side. If I could survive that I can withstand anything. In the end I'm very fucking awesome." He gives her a Cheshire cat grin. "Besides you know I'm TOO fucking cute!"

This seems to put a real smile on her face. She may not like him but he's starting to warm up to this kinda adorable teen. "Not many people to relate to being a science experiment."

Juliet's name is buzzed over the P.A. system by Gedra she sounds impatient.
"Does that bitch ever not sound like a boring ass college physics teacher? For real she needs to get laid." Madden insultingly jokes.
As Gedra goes over her scans the phone rings. Yet another annoying distraction. "What?" She blandly answers the phone. "Juliet? Who is this and what do want?" After Corie's explanation she buzzes over the system to find her.
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Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption   Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2019 2:52 am

Juliet, Gedra and Madden are all seated infront of a computer, listening to a voice that sounds quite familiar to Juliet. She recognises it as the voice of the Doll that helped her obtain the other Doll that Takeru and the other scientists are working on to destroy the Doll Maker's Doll army.

"What's happened since I left?" Juliet asks.

"Nothing of any importance. I can only tell you that if you are going to strike and have any hope of obtaining the cure you need to save this place you should do so now. The Doll Maker is rather... distracted as of late. It seems his interest now lie elsewhere."

Juliet looks to Gedra for confirmation. To Juliet this seems to be good news, but it is G who has more experience in the field of strategy, battle, and a good bullshit radar.

Madden remains quiet for the first time tonight, silently contemplating what he is hearing. Whatever is going through his mind is far from Juliet's concern, what matters to her is the end of the hell she caused.

Beau arrives to the reunion and Juliet fills him in on the goings on. Not surprisingly and understandibly Beau questions Juliet's trust in this Doll that could very well be lying to them and relaying information to the Doll Maker as they speak.

Juliet can sympathise with Beau, but argues that if the Doll was truely untrstworthy and relaying information to Lye they wouldn't be standing in the Apothecary discussing battle plans right now, but wrather be dead and being attacked by the other killer Dolls.

Not wanting to argue the matter she goes to Doctor Takeru and discusses wether or not the Doll is ready for the attack with Beau in toe.

Meanwhile, Corie, still connected to the computer asks to no one specifically, "Is my friend alive? Is he safe?"

It was Madden who speaks, knowing who he is speaking to. The voice was unmistakeble as he has heard it so many times before.

"Bonjour my Kitty." If Corie could cry she would. Though their job was obviously risky and dangerous and left no room for compassion, she had grown to care for Madden. Enough to not wish him badly. If life had been kinder to them both things wouldn't be as they are. "I wish to speak with him alone."

Madden tells her they are as private as they could possibly be what with him still in the same room as his captors.

"I don't know what happened last time I saw you. But given the way I am now... I guess this life finished swallowing me whole." She makes a rather morbid joke. "I wanted to ask you something. It's... a favor."

Given the circumstances, she doesn't expect him to agree now that he is basically free and out of reach of all the demons, all he has to do is fight his way out of this rat hole and disappear into the night.

"I will understand if this is too much to ask of you, but... I don't know what will become of me after this is over, I don't know what will happen but all I care is that my baby is safe and out of reach." She takes a deep breath. "Would you take her? I don't want her with him. Anywhere is better than him. I beg you."


Evee and Lye are almost done eating in her bedroom. She has successfully foold this man she wished could be the father she imagined in her dreams every night she wondered who he was. All for mother.

Corie entered the room as casually as she could be. She had gotten good at that, pretending to be casual and collected when behind your facade everything is otherwise. Though its a mask Evee could immidiately take off and she hoped Lye bought it as he has bought Evee's mask.

"Hi mommy."

"Hello miel. Hello Lye. Enjoying the food?"

Evee nods.
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Apothic Grey: Betrayal and Redemption
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